There is a special type of old school order and respect when it comes to the street art industry. To establish respect as an artist, you will definitely need to earn it, no matter how talented your art teacher or mum thinks you are. The street art industry is forever coupled with controversy. Opinions range on whether the art form adds a certain depth to the community or whether it is just plain old vandalism. Whatever your view, everywhere you look street art will be there, making you feel something. The artists have a relentless passion and the appreciation of their work is booming. This art form doesn’t look like it’s going away with a quick scrub over the paint.


I had the pleasure of catching up for a beer with two sensational gentlemen, Debt and Sam (formerly known as Realism). They shed light on their daily experiences and what it’s like to be in the industry.



What would constitute a “perfect” day for you?


Sam: Waking up later than 7 am, doing some sketches while listening to music, painting and then going out in the evening. A simple life is a good one.


D.E.B.T: It Sounds a bit corny but getting together with my mates and painting, a few beers. That’s a good day.


Who has been your greatest influence?


Sam: Huge amount of artists influence my work. Right now I am really inspired by DMV crew but it’s always changing, tomorrow will be some other shit.

dmv pic


D.E.B.T: Again, the crew I hang around introduces me to a broad range of material that stimulates my own work. Ai WeiWei, a really crazy Chinese artist who did the bird’s nest stadium in Beijing and he’s a really cool guy to look up to.  

aie weiwei


Where do you see the evolution of the street art industry going?


Sam: I find street art as a bit of a sticky subject because there is a bit of a conflict between those that do graffiti and what street art is and there is no clear distinction or definition of what they are. I also find it a bit tricky to talk about my own definitions of the industry without offending someone.



D.E.B.T: It’s definitely heaps bigger than 5 years ago. It seems more and more people are looking to pick up a can. It’s going in the right direction. People say it’s just a phase, but a lot of street artists are becoming multi faceted and painting on canvases and vice versa. So the perception of our work is transforming from dinghy to distinguished in a way.

What would be the best place to tell people to see street art?


Sam: it’s everywhere if you open your eyes.


D.E.B.T: That’s a secret haha. The form gallery is doing something amazing and it’s worth checking out. The coolest stuff though? Check us out, ha ha


If you could wake up tomorrow having gained any one quality or ability what would it be?


Sam: To have magnified hustling skills, to be able to get out there and do what I need to do. (Jerry Maguire, hustling abilities)


D.E.B.T: I would like to have the ability to climb like spider man. That would be sick you could tag almost anywhere.


When did you last sing to yourself or someone else?


Sam: I sing all the time man, I was singing to Biggie on the way here!


D.E.B.T: This morning, whenever I’m drawing and feeling a certain flow I hum to myself which normally turns into an attempt to freestyle.


What, if anything, is too serious to be joked about?


D.E.B.T: I think, people take life too seriously. It all depends on the context, but I feel we should all just relax and live a little.



Who is the first person that comes to mind when I say punchable?


Sam: Actually I have a fear of clowns, so anything associated with a clown. Punch that shit.


D.E.B.T: My brother? I mean I love my brother, but he is quite punchable.


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Since then, alongside fellow TENK crew member FERLY (@justcorz), they completed a live piece for an event threw, which was nothing short of epic!




Check out the video here.


One love xox