The new, old kid on the block

The new, old kid on the block


It was an honour to attend the reopening of the new look George street quarters and what a tantalizing experience it was.

This newly fitted out space comes with a wealth of history and the facade reveals it. From it’s humble origins as a Workers Cottages for the Port, established between 1890-1910. To a scale shop where Bon Scott (ACDC) did his apprenticeship. The area evolved into a meeting area between dock workers, industrial labourers and residents. People from all walks of life that came together to socialise.


This is where the concept for the restaurant stems from. It combines a working class industrial feel and a farming aesthetic. Focusing on a strong community-based approach to service, local products and community projects. It is the epitome of Fremantle. A beautiful collision of cultures giving it the special, quirky vibe it has today.

The refurb has stayed loyal to its roots by having locals input as a part of the project. It keeps its humble homely essence with an industrial twist. The protruding beams and original facade blend the old and new. Keeping true to the architecture's origins. They have opened up the space and created a fresh modern approach at the same time.


The new menu portrays this infusion of cultures. A spread of Black Duck and Shiitake spring rolls; Squid Ink & porcini Linguini; Maple & Pimento Lamb rack with Moroccan spiced rice. All these cuisines with their own distinct origins come together, to work in harmony, both on the table and in the mouth.

The lunch menu is of equal diversity and the kicker is they will serve up all day breakfast. So how do you like them Homemade pancakes with Butterscotch, bacon and caramelized bananas?

The George street merchant is next door meaning the local produce and products used on their menu are also available to the public. Which is pretty awesome!

If you are feeling a little cheeky you gotta try their "rum job". A beautiful blend of Kraken rum, homemade ginger and chilli syrup with a spruce of fresh lime and soda water. A job well done!

rum job george street
rum job george street

The menu is well suited to the new kit out at George street. It is somewhat refined but nowhere near pretentious. It feels like a place where a diverse mix of people can come, settle in and enjoy the atmosphere.

Do yourself a favour and head down to 71-75 George St, East Fremantle WA 6158 and embrace the old and the new.

Follow them on Instagram @georgestreetquarters

Opening a can of spray paint

Opening a can of spray paint


There is a special type of old school order and respect when it comes to the street art industry. To establish respect as an artist, you will definitely need to earn it, no matter how talented your art teacher or mum thinks you are. The street art industry is forever coupled with controversy. Opinions range on whether the art form adds a certain depth to the community or whether it is just plain old vandalism. Whatever your view, everywhere you look street art will be there, making you feel something. The artists have a relentless passion and the appreciation of their work is booming. This art form doesn’t look like it’s going away with a quick scrub over the paint.


I had the pleasure of catching up for a beer with two sensational gentlemen, Debt and Sam (formerly known as Realism). They shed light on their daily experiences and what it’s like to be in the industry.



What would constitute a “perfect” day for you?


Sam: Waking up later than 7 am, doing some sketches while listening to music, painting and then going out in the evening. A simple life is a good one.


D.E.B.T: It Sounds a bit corny but getting together with my mates and painting, a few beers. That’s a good day.


Who has been your greatest influence?


Sam: Huge amount of artists influence my work. Right now I am really inspired by DMV crew but it’s always changing, tomorrow will be some other shit.

dmv pic


D.E.B.T: Again, the crew I hang around introduces me to a broad range of material that stimulates my own work. Ai WeiWei, a really crazy Chinese artist who did the bird’s nest stadium in Beijing and he’s a really cool guy to look up to.  

aie weiwei


Where do you see the evolution of the street art industry going?


Sam: I find street art as a bit of a sticky subject because there is a bit of a conflict between those that do graffiti and what street art is and there is no clear distinction or definition of what they are. I also find it a bit tricky to talk about my own definitions of the industry without offending someone.



D.E.B.T: It’s definitely heaps bigger than 5 years ago. It seems more and more people are looking to pick up a can. It’s going in the right direction. People say it’s just a phase, but a lot of street artists are becoming multi faceted and painting on canvases and vice versa. So the perception of our work is transforming from dinghy to distinguished in a way.

What would be the best place to tell people to see street art?


Sam: it’s everywhere if you open your eyes.


D.E.B.T: That’s a secret haha. The form gallery is doing something amazing and it’s worth checking out. The coolest stuff though? Check us out, ha ha


If you could wake up tomorrow having gained any one quality or ability what would it be?


Sam: To have magnified hustling skills, to be able to get out there and do what I need to do. (Jerry Maguire, hustling abilities)


D.E.B.T: I would like to have the ability to climb like spider man. That would be sick you could tag almost anywhere.


When did you last sing to yourself or someone else?


Sam: I sing all the time man, I was singing to Biggie on the way here!


D.E.B.T: This morning, whenever I’m drawing and feeling a certain flow I hum to myself which normally turns into an attempt to freestyle.


What, if anything, is too serious to be joked about?


D.E.B.T: I think, people take life too seriously. It all depends on the context, but I feel we should all just relax and live a little.



Who is the first person that comes to mind when I say punchable?


Sam: Actually I have a fear of clowns, so anything associated with a clown. Punch that shit.


D.E.B.T: My brother? I mean I love my brother, but he is quite punchable.


If you enjoyed some of their art please show your support and follow them at:


Sam: find me on my website, 

sam shield


D.E.B.T: Find me on instagram @D.E.B.T



Since then, alongside fellow TENK crew member FERLY (@justcorz), they completed a live piece for an event threw, which was nothing short of epic!




Check out the video here.


One love xox



Art + Chow

Art + Chow


JamJar’s philosophy focuses on highlighting the unique creatives from each local community. What better way to do that than to host an event at the brand new, Good Things cafe in Mosman Park?


 The humble cafe was transformed into a beautiful, open space gallery. The walls decorated with the sensational works of local talent Jae Criddle.  


Enter This Little Piggy. A pop-up shop from the Fremantle area with a fierce passion for taste. A southern Cali influence is at the heart of this wonderful project. We gave head chef Max a blank canvas to express his creativity. We didn’t know what to expect, but we knew it would be wild!





Bless our lucky stars. Every course came paired up with a matching brew from Young Henry's brewery.


The night was a perfect example of how diverse the pool of talent in Perth is, and it's only getting better! The hunger and enthusiasm shown by the patrons of Perth was inspiring to say the least! We will definitely be doing another Collab in the not too distant future so watch this space!  

Check out some more of Jae’s awesome work at and This little piggy’s Instagram handle is @thislittlepiggyfoodco. warning only view if you are able to handle mouth watering temptations.

Freo Royale - the fringe in Fremantle

Freo Royale - the fringe in Fremantle


I am super pumped to see the reach of Fringe extending all the way down into our quaint portside town. Spread over two weeks, 10 venues and a pop up headquarters, the Royale is an array of awesome shows to happily keep you from the airconditioned comfort of your homes. These are a couple of my picks that I am most excited about...  

discoverable-99-1-john_safran_-_murder_in_mississippiJohn Safran – Murder in Mississippi

Victoria Hall 6-7 Feb 2015 at 6.30pm

I have grown up entraptured by the raucous lispings of this particularly intelligent individual and to see him live will be killer. The show is the true story of how he met a white supremecist, befriended his black killer and wrote a book. I am delighted to say that I have no idea what to expect.



discoverable-120-1-the_big_freo_comedy_and_and_wine_tasting_show_presented_by_james_dowdeswellThe Big Freo Comedy & Wine Tasting Show: Presented by James Dowdeswell

King's Square Common 7 Feb 2015 at 2.30pm

You have just combined two of my favourite things in existence, comedy and wine. I mean I generally mix those two things together anyway, but to be outrightly encouraged makes this all the more enticing.



discoverable-124-1-umit_bali_flight_planUmit Bali: Flight Plan

Mojo's Bar 7 Feb 2015 at 6.30pm

When Wil Anderson say's he was blown away by a performer and that 'you should catch him while you can still afford it', I tend to sit up and listen. As a former illegal immigrant Umit's show revolves around residency, ethnicity and criminal offences in Australia. See you there.



Next Level Bullshit

PS Art Space 30 Jan 2015 6.30pm-9pm, 31 Jan, 1-14 Feb 2015 11am-4pm FREE

When described as "a structured and deliberate geometric form as the representation of modern urbanization", my inner art critic packed up shop and left me with no idea what they were talking about. You should at the least jump at the excuse to visit one of my favourite spaces in Fremantle.



Just a couple to tickle your fancy. Make sure that you check out the King's Common pop up outside the old Myer building which runs for a joyous 8 days from Wednesday the 4th.




My 5 current favourite Perth venues

My 5 current favourite Perth venues


I feel I will probably have to start writing again before I have even finished with this post.  There have been a delightful number of new digs popping up around Perth of late These are my current favourites for eating, drinking and caffeinding.

Hylin - A simply gorgeous space which fits oh so naturally into the leafy West Leederville boulevards. An architecturally designed building, great eats, bang on coffee and a super smiley crew. What more can you ask for?



The Standard - the latest in the resurgence on the Chinatown area of Roe street, I can see The Standard’s bright open layout and deck gaining a solid following over the summer months. Hint: eat the bean chips.


Sneaky Tony’s - the first of 2 Clint Nolan venues (of Harvest, Who’s Your Mumma, Pleased to Meet You & La Cholita fame) on my list as the man is yet to disappoint. A speakeasy styled rum bar that takes it’s theme more seriously than some of it’s competition. Their refusal to tell you the real location (think China town’s alleyways) and finding the daily entry password are worthy hurdles to this smokey watering hole.


Joe’s Juice Joint - This refitted nightclub basement is Nolan’s other baby and it may sound healthy for you but, it isn’t. A rock’n’roll dive bar more concerned than serving hard shots of liquor than wheatgrass. More refreshing than the freshest squeezed juice.

sprolo latte art smackdown

Sprolo - been making a lot of noise out of South Perth over the last few months including a solid wrap from Gourmet Traveller. If you looking for an epic alternative option to the usual brekkies peddled around town, try Sprolo’s Singaporean inspired menu.


If You Leave

If You Leave


Since his blog launch in 2009 photographer Laurence Von Thomas has turned If You Leave into a one of the most devotedly followed online galleries. The collection explores the enigmatic yet peaceful feelings of desolation and loneliness. The collection is concerned with the impact of an individual photo rather than the body of work as whole. IYL collection 1

It is one of my favourite photography sites. I find myself being lost in a series of stunning photos that are somehow at once so alien yet evoke well know feelings. Deep.

Make sure you have at least 10 minutes to really explore If You Leave


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